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Maldives Fast Facts

What to wear: Dress is generally casual, and T-shirts and cotton clothing are most suitable. In Male', the capital island, and in other inhabited islands, it is recommended that you wear modest, non-revealing clothes.

Population: This is about 0.3 million, according to the 1997 estimate. The origin of the Maldivians is lost in antiquity, but history reveals that the islands have been populated for more than 5,000 years. According to some observers, travellers who explored the world in reed ships discovered the islands.

Culture: A proud history and rich culture evolved from the time of the first settlers, who were from various parts of the world and came here while travelling the seas in ancient times. The Maldives has been a melting pot of different cultures as people from different parts of the world came here and settled down. Some of the local music and dance, for instance, show African influences, with the beating of drums, and songs in a language that is not known to any, but certainly represents that of East African countries.


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