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Male' Atoll (Kaafu Atoll)

Malé AtollThe island of Thulusdhoo in North Male’ Atoll is a centre of commercial activity. It is most famous for its Coca Cola bottling plant- certainly one of the few, if not the only plant that uses desalinated water. The State Trading Organisation (STO) has one of its main warehouses for dried fish on the island. It is a trans-shipment point for dried fish, smoked and salted fish for export. Vessels from the northern atolls loaded with dried fish stop by at Thulusdhoo to sell their fish. In addition to these there are garment factories and a boat building facility that uses fibre-glass to build the traditional ‘dhonis’. The eastern side of Thulusdhoo is famous for its surfs aptly named ‘Cokes’.

  Malé Atoll

  Ari Atoll

Shockwave Map
North Malé Atoll

Shockwave Map
South Malé Atoll


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